Writing and Self-Publishing Resources

Quick note: I’m starting to get a lot of requests to add resources to this page. At this time I am not going to do so because this is just a page of resources I know well and have found personally helpful. I am unwilling to add resources to this page that I haven’t had the opportunity to vet thoroughly and at this time I don’t have time to do that for unknown-to-me resources.

If you’re thinking about getting into writing or self-publishing, there are a lot of resources out there to help you get started.

Some writing craft books that I think are excellent:

Techniques of the Selling Writer by Dwight V. Swain

Wonderbook by Jeff VanderMeer

Characters & Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card

Some books about writing and words that I also think are excellent:

On Writing by Stephen King

Word by Word by Kory Stamper

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

Some Masterclasses that I really enjoyed (available at masterclass.com):

Dan Brown

Margaret Atwood

James Patterson

Shonda Rhimes

Aaron Sorkin

R.L. Stein

A few blogs that I really like:

Patricia C. Wrede (an author who posts every Wednesday about writing craft)

Kristine Kathryn Rusch (an author who usually has a business blog post every Thursday)

And, of course, I’ve written a few books on the subject as well:

If you’re just getting started and don’t know what you don’t know, check out Writing for Beginners. It gives you a basic overview of things like point of view, tense, and the different publication paths that are out there.

If you’ve started writing but don’t yet have anything to sell or are working the short story trenches, then check out Excel for Writers for ways to better monitor your writing activities.

If you’ve written at least one novel and want to make money at this writing thing, check out Achieve Writing Success.

If you’ve started down the self-publishing path then try Excel for Self-Publishers which is focused on how to leverage Excel to run your self-publishing business.

And if you’re ready to put your books in print or in audio or to advertise them through Amazon, check out Print Books for Beginners, ACX for Beginners, or Easy AMS Ads. Each book is a step-by-step guide that gives you an overview of how to get started and my personal experience with each platform.

(Those links should take you to your preferred store in your preferred country, but in case they don’t work, here’s my Amazon author page link: https://www.amazon.com/M.L.-Humphrey/e/B00V2QSXI2)

AMS Ads for Authors and Excel for Self-Publishers are also available as video courses. I will note here that as of January 2019 the AMS book and course are outdated because Amazon has updated their interface, but the basic discussion about how AMS work is still relevant.