A Very Proud Yet Humbling Moment

As of today I’ve passed the $100,000 mark in terms of gross income from my writing. That feels like an incredibly big accomplishment to me, especially considering the fact that my first three years of self-publishing I only grossed about $5,000.

Really the bulk of that happened in the last two years after I published a few titles people actually wanted to buy and figured out advertising that worked for me. Funny how that works.

It’s a proud moment.

At the same time I know so many who are doing so much better or have done so much better that I still feel like a little prawn struggling to make it.

(And compared to what I walked away from, well, let’s not even go there. I have a long ways to go to make up for that decision.)

I haven’t chosen the easiest path, that’s for sure. Or the smartest path. But I’ve enjoyed the journey and I’m enjoying the life I’m living right now far more than I would have if I had taken those other paths.

Here’s to the day when I can post that I’ve hit six figures in a year instead of a career. Hopefully it’s just around the corner.