In Case You Didn’t Know

A few happenings in indie world for those who might not know:

First, the Kobo/Walmart partnership has launched. So Walmart customers can now buy ebooks through Kobo. They’re doing a month-long launch and I have a couple books in there, including Budgeting for Beginners. You can check out the promo here.

Second, there was a major snafu with Kindle Unlimited and audiobooks. Seems that readers in KU were able to get free audiobooks as well, but problem was Amazon didn’t have the authors’ permission to offer their books free to KU subscribers. (When Amazon offers ebooks through Prime for example, they usually offer a flat payment to authors and have the authors agree and sign a contract.) This had been going on since at least May. ACX just sent out an email to authors telling them they’ll be getting paid the price of the audiobooks that were listened to for free in their next statement. Some are fine with this solution, some are not. I didn’t get an email, so must not have been impacted. But many have. No idea what numbers we’re talking until people get their month-end statements from ACX. I assume across the board we’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Third, Kboards was sold and is under new management. For those who try the site you’ll see lots of new advertising on there, even within post threads. it’s quite obnoxious and one of the reasons I’ll be spending less time there. (That and a shift in tone and subject matter that doesn’t seem to be getting better.)