IngramSpark Code Update

Okay. Got clarification about IngramSpark code usage via the IBPA.

Per IBPA the actual policy is: “no more than five (5) uses p/month, with an annual maximum of 50 uses per IngramSpark account based on the anniversary date. The five uses include a combination of uses for both title set-ups and revisions.”

I interpret that as 50 code uses no matter the source. So not 50 IBPA, 50 ALLi, 50 NiNC, but just 50 total.

I’m SOL for a while because I didn’t have that language before.

I was a member of both IBPA and ALLi to have code access and was using my five codes from each every month and thought that was allowed. This new language makes it clear that IngramSpark had another restriction in the background.

So. If you are going to use IngramSpark for your books plan on only having 50 updates or revisions per year. That means, for example, that you do not want to keep your also by updated for each new release for a long series in multiple formats like I was doing. (30 code uses right there for my latest release.)

I mean, granted, you could still pay $25 to do so, but at that point I think the value of having up-to-date also by content is outweighed by the cost.

Had I known about the full policy I would’ve, for example, only updated the also by section of my first book when I published the last one. And maybe not even that, because that’s still six code uses across formats for each release.

Anyway. Not something that will impact many, but definitely something that impacted me so passing it along.