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All images below are linked to Books2Read which should do geographic-specific links and, after you’ve used it once and if you choose so, go directly to your favorite ebook store. If they don’t work, use one of the store-specific pages instead, but I’ve yet to have problems with them aside from on an Internet Explorer browser where the store buttons don’t appear.

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Microsoft Office Collections

Microsoft Office for Beginners4
Paperback ISBN 9781950902194,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781950902231
Paperback ISBN 9781637440490,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781637440599

Excel Essentials

Excel for Beginners open sans boldv2
Paperback ISBN 9781950902002,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781950902705
Intermediate Excel Open Sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902019,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781950902712
50 Excel Functions open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902026,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781950902729
50 More Excel Functions open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902033,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781950902736
Excel Essentials 20190222
Paperback ISBN 9781950902040,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781950902743

Word Essentials and Mail Merge

Word for Beginners open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902101,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781950902750
Intermediate Word open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902118,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781950902767
Mail Merge
Paperback ISBN 9781950902187

Paperback ISBN 9781950902125,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781950902132

Access Essentials

Access for Beginners 20200202
Paperback ISBN 9781950902903,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781950902910
Intermediate Access 20200202
Paperback ISBN 9781950902927,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781950902934
Paperback ISBN 9781950902941,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781950902958

PowerPoint Essentials

Paperback ISBN 9781950902156,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781950902774
Paperback ISBN 9781950902163,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781950902781
Paperback ISBN 9781950902149,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781950902170

Excel Essentials 2019

Paperback ISBN 9781637440308,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781637440407
Paperback ISBN 9781637440315,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781637440414
Paperback ISBN 9781637440322,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781637440421
Paperback ISBN 9781637440391

Easy Excel Essentials 2019

Paperback ISBN 9781637440506
Paperback ISBN 9781637440513
Paperback ISBN 9781637440520
Paperback ISBN 9781637440537

Access Essentials 2019

Paperback ISBN 9781637440377,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781637440476
Paperback ISBN 9781637440384,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781637440483

Word Essentials 2019

Paperback ISBN 9781637440339,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781637440438
Paperback ISBN 9781637440346,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781637440445

PowerPoint Essentials 2019

Paperback ISBN 9781637440353,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781637440452
Paperback ISBN 9781637440360,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781637440469

Office 2019 Collections

Excel Essentials 2019 Cover
Paperback ISBN 9781637440551,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781637440650
Word Essentials 2019 Cover
Paperback ISBN 9781637440568,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781637440667
PowerPoint Essentials 2019 Cover
Paperback ISBN 9781637440575,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781637440674
Access Essentials 2019 Cover
Paperback ISBN 9781637440544,
Hard Cover ISBN 9781637440643

Excel Essentials Quiz Books

Excel for Beginners Quiz Book 20181202
Paperback ISBN 9781950902057
Intermediate Excel Quiz Book 20181202
Paperback ISBN 9781950902064
50 Functions Quiz Book 20181202
Paperback ISBN 9781950902071
Paperback ISBN 9781950902088
Paperback ISBN 9781950902095

Business Essentials

Regulatory Compliance Fundamentalsv2
Paperback ISBN 9781950902224
Data Principles for Beginners
Paperback ISBN 9781950902378

Budgeting for Beginners

Budgeting for Beginners open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902200
Excel for Budgeting open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902248
Juggling Your Finances Excel open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781725018419
Juggling Your Finances Math open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781725022072

Easy Excel Essentials

Pivot Tables open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902309
Conditional Formatting open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902316
Charts open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902323
If Functions open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902330
Formatting open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902347
Printing open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902354

Easy Word Essentials

Text Formatting open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902255
Page Formatting
Paperback ISBN 9781950902262
1 Lists
Paperback ISBN 9781950902279
2 Tables
Paperback ISBN 9781950902286
Track Changes
Paperback ISBN 9781950902293

Writing Essentials

Writing for Beginners open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902408
Excel for Writers open sans
Paperback ISBN 9781950902415
Paperback ISBN ‎ 9798648028562
Paperback ISBN
Paperback ISBN 9781637440285
Paperback ISBN 9781637440292
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