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M.L. Humphrey:

Word Essentials

Word for Beginners 10   Intermediate Word 10




Excel Essentials

Excel for Beginners 4 51foV8r2UpL50 Excel Functions v9





Writing Essentials

Writing for BeginnersExcel for Writers 3





Self-Publishing Essentials

Excel for SP6AMS Ads for AuthorsCreatespace for BeginnersACX-For-Beginners-Generic





Juggling Your Finances

Budgeting for Beginners  Juggling Your Finances Excel 20170317  Juggling Your Finances Math 20170713





Cassie Leigh: Amazon US Author Page

Dating For Men

Online Dating The Basicsv Men 20160315Dont Be a Douchebag 20141209v5You-Have-A-Date-Dont-F-It-Up-Generic





Dating for Women

Online-Dating-for-Women-The-Basics-Kindle   Online-Dating-Is-Hell-Kindle





You Cant Eat the Pretty rev v5 20161128





Puppy Parenting

Puppy Parenting 20150201 smaller parenting mergedPuppy Parenting Basics 20161123Dog Park Basics 20160525


M.H. Lee:


You Can Survive This Cliff Lighthouse 20141210xcf