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M.L. Humphrey: Amazon US Author Page

All links are to the US store. You can use the Universal Links page to access Amazon via Books2Read and that will take you to the store in the country where you’re currently located.

All titles available in ebook and paperback. Some available in hard cover as well.

Microsoft Office for Beginners

Microsoft Office for Beginners4

Excel Essentials

Excel for Beginners
Intermediate Excel
50 Excel Functions
50 More Excel Functions
Excel Essentials

Word Essentials and Mail Merge

Word for Beginners
Intermediate Word
Mail Merge for Beginners

Access Essentials

Access for Beginners
Intermediate Access

PowerPoint Essentials


Excel Essentials 2019

Access Essentials 2019

Word Essentials 2019

PowerPoint Essentials 2019

Office 2019 Collections

Excel Essentials 2019 Cover
Word Essentials 2019 Cover
PowerPoint Essentials 2019 Cover
Access Essentials 2019 Cover

Budgeting for Beginners

Budgeting for Beginners
Excel for Budgeting
Juggling Your Finances Excel
Juggling Your Finances Math

Business Essentials

Regulatory Compliance Fundamentals
Data Principles for Beginners

Excel Essentials Quiz Books

Excel for Beginners Quiz Book
Intermediate Excel Quiz Book
50 Functions Quiz Book

Easy Excel Essentials 2019

Easy Excel Essentials

Pivot Tables
Conditional Formatting
If Functions

Easy Word Essentials

Text Formatting
Page Formatting
Track Changes

Writing Essentials

Writing for Beginners
Excel for Writers
Data Analysis for SP
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