My Books – Non-Fiction

All images below are linked to the Amazon US page but most of the books (except the AMS one) are available on the main ebook retailers and in all the countries they serve.

M.L. Humphrey: Amazon US Author Page


Juggling Your Finances Excel 20170317Juggling Your Finances Math 20170713Juggling Your Finances Starter Kit






Writing for BeginnersCreatespace for Beginners

AMS Ads for Authors


Cassie Leigh: Amazon US Author Page

Dating For Men

Online Dating The Basicsv Men 20160315Dont Be a Douchebag 20141209v5You Have a Date 20170410 v2





Dating for Women

Online Dating The Basics Women 20170713   Online Dating Is Hell 20170713v1





You Cant Eat the Pretty rev v5 20161128





Puppy Parenting

Puppy Parenting 20150201 smaller parenting mergedPuppy Parenting Basics 20161123Dog Park Basics 20160525


M.H. Lee: Amazon US Author Page


You Can Survive This Cliff Lighthouse 20141210xcf