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Alessandra Clarke – Apple US Page





M.L. Humphrey: Apple US Author Page

Self-Publishing Essentials

Excel for SP6AMS Ads for AuthorsCreatespace for BeginnersACX-For-Beginners-Generic





The print version of Excel for Self-Publishers is also available in color on Amazon: Excel for Self-Publishers

Writing Essentials

Writing for BeginnersExcel for Writers 3





Excel Essentials

Excel for Beginners 4 51foV8r2UpL





The print versions are also available in color on Amazon at: Excel for Beginners, Intermediate Excel,

Word Essentials

Word for Beginners 10   Intermediate Word 10




Juggling Your Finances

Juggling Your Finances Starter KitJuggling Your Finances Excel 20170317Juggling Your Finances Math 20170713





Cassie Leigh: Apple US Author Page

Dating For Men

Online Dating The Basicsv Men 20160315Dont Be a Douchebag 20141209v5You-Have-A-Date-Dont-F-It-Up-Generichow to meet a woman 24





Dating for Women

Online-Dating-for-Women-The-Basics-Kindle   Online-Dating-Is-Hell-Kindle





You Cant Eat the Pretty rev v5 20161128





Puppy Parenting

Puppy Parenting 20150201 smaller parenting mergedPuppy Parenting Basics 20161123Dog Park Basics 20160525


M.H. Lee: Apple US Author Page

Non-Fiction: Grief

You Can Survive This Cliff Lighthouse 20141210xcf





Short Stories

World Dark and Cold - High Resolutionqq2 bronze calisto bold no backgroundlive at five orange calisto bold no background