Microsoft Office for Beginners

A perfect book for beginners to Microsoft Office that covers Excel, Word, and PowerPoint in one simple and straight-forward guide.

Available in ebook, paperback (ISBN 9781950902194), and hard cover (ISBN 9781950902231) through all major retailers.

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Microsoft Office for Beginners contains Excel for Beginners, Word for Beginners, and PowerPoint for Beginners which are all introductory guides to Microsoft Office.

Additional titles are available for those who want to move beyond the introductory level or who want something more specialized. Use the store-specific links on the right-hand panel to explore further or click here for a listing of all books and universal links for each.

Praise for Excel for Beginners, Word for Beginners,
and PowerPoint for Beginners:

“Perfect for Excel Newbies”

“A clearly written, [no]-nonsense guide that is just what I needed.”

“Extremely helpful.”

“…it is sooooooooooo….. user friendly, I’d give [the author] an award for that if I could.”

“Great introduction for new users.”

And for those looking to focus on Office 2019 specifically, Microsoft Office 2019 Beginner is now available on major retailers including Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Nook in ebook, paperback (ISBN 9781637440490) , and hard cover (ISBN 9781637440599). It includes Word 2019 Beginner, Excel 2019 Beginner, and PowerPoint 2019 Beginner.

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