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For direct print sales in the U.S. or Canada you can buy through my Aerio store which is run by Ingram which is the source of my print books on all major retailers.

Also, if you are in the U.S. and planning to order 10 or more copies at a time and can wait for the books to print and ship directly (generally allow 30 days from receipt of payment but may be much sooner), contact me (mlhumphreywriter [at] because I can usually offer a 40% discount off of the retail price. With this option you do have to pay shipping costs, though.

For ebook sales, all images below will allow you to buy the book through Payhip using Paypal. If you want to buy more than one title and receive a discount for buying a related title then either go to or click on a linked collection name below instead. Use coupon code HLJFZIIFZW at checkout to get a 10% discount.

Titles ONLY Available on Payhip

Achieve Writing Success open sans
ACX for Beginners open sans
Easy AMS Ads open sans
Easy AMS Ads 2nd Ed V5
Excel for SP open sans
Excel for SP Excel Template
Excel for Budgeting excel template
Excel for Writers excel template

Titles Available on Payhip as well as Other Retailers

Office Essentials

Excel Essentials 20190222

Excel Essentials

Excel for Beginners open sans boldv2
Intermediate Excel Open Sans
50 Excel Functions open sans
50 More Excel Functions open sans

Word Essentials

Word for Beginners open sans
Intermediate Word open sans

Mail Merge Essentials

Mail Merge

PowerPoint Essentials


Access Essentials

Access for Beginners 20200202
Intermediate Access 20200202

Budgeting for Beginners

Budgeting for Beginners open sans
Excel for Budgeting open sans

Data Principles

Data Principles for Beginners

Excel Essentials Quiz Books

Excel for Beginners Quiz Book 20181202
Intermediate Excel Quiz Book 20181202
50 Functions Quiz Book 20181202

Easy Excel Essentials

Pivot Tables open sans
Conditional Formatting open sans
Charts open sans
If Functions open sans
Formatting open sans
Printing open sans

Easy Word Essentials

Text Formatting open sans
Page Formatting
1 Lists
2 Tables
Track Changes

Writing Essentials

Writing for Beginners open sans
Excel for Writers open sans
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