Microsoft Excel Resources

A clearly written, no-nonsense guide that is just what I needed.

– From a review of Excel for Beginners by Opossum on dated December 1, 2017.


Available in paperback and ebook and (oftentimes) through your local library.

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Excel Essentials: $12.95 paperback/$4.99-$5.99 ebook

Excel for Beginners open sans boldv2Intermediate Excel Open Sans

50 Excel Functions open sans

50 More Excel Functions open sans





Excel Essentials Quiz Books: $7.99-$9.99 paperback/$2.99-$3.99 ebook

(not avail. on Google)

Excel for Beginners Quiz Book 20181202     Intermediate Excel Quiz Book 20181202    50 Functions Quiz Book 20181202




Easy Excel Essentials: $7.99 paperback/$2.99 ebook

(not avail. on Google)

Pivot Tables open sansConditional Formatting open sansCharts open sansIf Functions open sansFormatting open sansPrinting open sans





Excel Templates

(99 cents to $2.99, Only Available Via Payhip Store)

Excel for Budgeting excel template     Excel for SP Excel Template     Excel for Writers excel template

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Other Titles

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Intermediate Word open sans

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