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A clearly written, no-nonsense guide that is just what I needed.

– From a review of Excel for Beginners by Opossum on dated December 1, 2017.


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If you just want to learn the basics you need to know to use Excel on a daily basis, then start with Excel for Beginners. ($4.99 USD in ebook, $12.95 USD in paperback, $19.95 USD in hard cover)

Excel for Beginners open sans boldv2Find a store, Amazon US, Barnes & Noble, Kobo US, Google, Buy Direct with Paypal

If you already know the basics and want to learn about more advanced topics such as pivot tables, charts, conditional formatting, and more then try Intermediate Excel. If you want to learn about how to use formulas and functions in Excel, then try 50 Useful Excel Functions or 50 More Excel Functions. ($5.99 USD in ebook, $12.95 USD in paperback, $19.95 USD in hard cover)

Intermediate Excel Open Sans50 Excel Functions open sans50 More Excel Functions open sans








And if you’re ready to just dive in and read all four books at once, then your best bet is Excel Essentials.

Excel Essentials 20190222

You can also get an introduction to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint in one book with Microsoft Office for Beginners.

Microsoft Office for Beginners4

If what you’d rather do is test your knowledge of Excel then each of the above Excel Essentials titles has a quiz book associated with it that includes questions as well as five bonus exercises. ($3.99 USD in ebook for the individual titles, $9.99 USD in paperback for the individual titles and $9.99 USD in ebook and $21.99 in paperback for The Excel Essentials Quiz Book)

Excel for Beginners Quiz Book 20181202Intermediate Excel Quiz Book 2018120250 Functions Quiz Book 20181202The-50-More-Excel-Functions-Quiz-Book-GenericThe-Excel-Essentials-Quiz-Book-Generic





And if you just need information on one specific topic, like pivot tables, then the Easy Excel Essentials series contains excerpts from the Excel Essentials titles on specific topics. ($2.99 USD in ebook, $5.99 USD in paperback)

Pivot Tables open sansConditional Formatting open sansCharts open sansIf Functions open sansFormatting open sansPrinting open sans





You can also purchase one of the following specialty Excel titles as well as their associated template. (Templates are Excel files and only available from the Payhip store.)

Excel for Writers open sans

Excel for Writers excel template

Excel for SP open sansExcel for SP Excel TemplateExcel for Budgeting open sansExcel for Budgeting excel template





These additional titles related to Microsoft Office, data, and budgeting are available as well:

Word for Beginners open sansIntermediate Word open sansWord-Essentials-KindleMail MergeData Principles for BeginnersBudgeting for Beginners open sansPowerPoint-for-Beginners-Generic


PowerPoint-Essentials-KindleAccess for Beginners 20200202Intermediate Access 20200202



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