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A clearly written, no-nonsense guide that is just what I needed.

– From a review of Excel for Beginners by Opossum on dated December 1, 2017.


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Excel Essentials: $12.95 paperback/$4.99-$5.99 ebook

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Excel Essentials Quiz Books: $7.99-$9.99 paperback/$2.99-$3.99 ebook

Excel for Beginners Quiz Book 20181202     Intermediate Excel Quiz Book 20181202    50 Functions Quiz Book 20181202




Easy Excel Essentials: $7.99 paperback/$2.99 ebook

Pivot Tables open sansConditional Formatting open sansCharts open sansIf Functions open sansFormatting open sansPrinting open sans





Other Titles

Excel for Budgeting open sansBudgeting for Beginners open sansExcel for SP open sansWord for Beginners open sans

Intermediate Word open sans

Powerpoint for Beginners open sans bold



Excel Templates

(99 cents to $2.99, Only Available Via Payhip Store)

Excel for Budgeting excel template     Excel for SP Excel Template     Excel for Writers excel template

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