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Excel Essentials ($4.99 to $5.99 each or all four in Excel Essentials for $19.95)

Excel for Beginners open sans boldv2 Intermediate Excel Open Sans50 Excel Functions open sans

50 More Excel Functions open sans

Excel Essentials 20190222





Data Principles ($4.99)

Data Principles for Beginners

Word Essentials ($4.99 or $5.99 each)

Word for Beginners open sans   Intermediate Word open sans




Mail Merge Essentials ($2.99)

Mail Merge

Budgeting for Beginners ($5.99 each)

Budgeting for Beginners open sansExcel for Budgeting open sans





PowerPoint Essentials ($5.99)

Powerpoint for Beginners open sans bold


Excel Essentials Quiz Books ($3.99 each)

Excel for Beginners Quiz Book 20181202     Intermediate Excel Quiz Book 20181202    50 Functions Quiz Book 20181202




Easy Excel Essentials ($2.99 each)

Pivot Tables open sansConditional Formatting open sansCharts open sansIf Functions open sansFormatting open sansPrinting open sans





Easy Word Essentials ($2.99 each)

Text Formatting open sansPage Formatting1 Lists

2 TablesTrack Changes





Self-Publishing Essentials ($5.99 each)

Excel for SP open sans

Easy AMS Ads 2nd Ed V5

Print-Books-for-Beginners-Generic   ACX for Beginners open sans




Writing Essentials: ($5.99 each)

Writing for Beginners open sansAchieve Writing Success open sansExcel for Writers open sans