AMS Resources

If you’re new to AMS, start with this post:

A Quick & Dirty Guide to AMS Ads for Authors

If you’re ready to start running your own AMS ads and need to get into the details of how to do so, then I have a book and a video course available as well as a number of blog posts on AMS that are linked below.


Easy AMS Ads open sans

Video Course:

EASY AMS ADS Cover Image

Blog Posts (mostly in reverse chronological order):

The Difference AMS Can Make

AMS US Changes

AMS and Writing

I Did Not Know That (AMS)

I Beg to Differ

Defensive AMS Ads

AMS: A Tale of Three Ads

AMS and Also a Vellum Shoutout

It’s Friday…

AMS and Bids

AMS and Losing Keywords

The Flaws of AMS

AMS and the Mystery of the Also-Boughts

AMS and Accounting for KU Borrows

AMS Ads and Value of Customer

AMS Ads Require Patience

Bidding and AMS Ads

AMS Ads and Names with Initials