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In May 2019 I issued an updated version of my book, Easy AMS Ads, which is available on Amazon. There had been so many changes to AMS, including renaming them to Amazon Advertising, since I published the original title in May 2017 and updated it in early 2018 that it was like writing a completely new book.

Book ($4.99 ebook/$12.95 print USD):

Easy AMS Ads 2nd Ed V5

For now, I’m leaving the video course that was made based on the state of AMS in early 2018 available, but if you purchase the course understand that much of the information has become outdated due to changes made in 2019, although the strategies and tactics discussions do still remain largely relevant.

Video Course (Only $13.99 if you follow the link):

EASY AMS ADS Cover Image

Also, many of the posts on this site which are linked to below date from prior to May 2019, but because they deal with strategies and tactics for using AMS ads, I think those still have some relevance as well.

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