Affinity Publisher For Fiction Layouts

If you’re looking to take your print formatting to the next level but don’t want to pay that monthly subscription to use InDesign, then Affinity Publisher may be the solution for you.

But there’s a lot that goes into print formatting, so if you’d like a straight-forward, easy-to-use guide to creating a simple fiction layout in Affinity Publisher then Affinity Publisher for Fiction Layouts is the book (or video course) for you.

Learn about master pages, text styles, inserting a basic image, flowing text between text frames and more.

And if you’re already familiar with Affinity Publisher but would like a base file to work from, then check out the templates available here. Each one contains pre-formatted master pages, easy to modify text styles, and a sample accent image that can be easily replaced with your own customized image.

Use code MLH50 to get 50% off on any of the Affinity video courses. (The quick takes course is for after you’ve started working in Affinity and just need a quick reminder of how to perform a specific task.)

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