I’m a self-published author who writes a little bit of everything.  Under this name I write about writing and financial planning.  Under the name Cassie Leigh I write about dating, puppies, and cooking.  I also write fiction under the names Alessandra Clarke (coming of age fantasy) and M.H. Lee (more fantasy and some science fiction,  mostly short stories, and a non-fiction title about grief).

I also have some romance pen names I’m not going to link to right now, although I may at some point.

I started this website to consolidate all the various pen names into one place so that if people liked one they could find the others and so I could post about whatever strikes my fancy without trying to figure out which pen name to post it under.

I also may sometimes post about topics related to my paying career, too, so don’t be surprised if there’s suddenly a post about principles-based regulation or something equally boring and esoteric.

You can reach me at mlhumphreywriter [at] gmail.com. I don’t check it every single day, but I do check it regularly.