Quit Falling For It!

Twitter is annoying me today because I’ve seen multiple authors talking about a certain hatchet job article slamming epic fantasy and a very successful fantasy author.

And what annoys me is the number of people who had to go read the stupid, horrible article to see how stupid and horrible it was. Dude! That was the fricking point. You got them clicks. You earned them money.

Same thing when you share some stupid idiot’s YouTube video meant to enrage or say something incredibly, ridiculously stupid. They want the views and the clicks and will do anything to get them.

You think you’re pointing out some bad take but really you’re just being a fucking fool who fell for the grift. STOP!

Author: M.L. Humphrey

M.L. Humphrey is an author who has been published under a variety of pen names and across a variety of subjects and genres. You can contact M.L. at mlhumphreywriter [at] gmail.com.

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