To Hell With ASUS

I don’t do social media other than here, so sorry in advance for subjecting any of my followers to this rant.

I think I mentioned I’d bought an ASUS computer recently. It was the first one I’d ever bought from them. Not sure how I settled on it, but it had a high screen resolution and upgraded amount of memory that I thought could better handle what I do and it was supposedly designed to work well for graphic design/artistic types.

I didn’t get around to using the computer for about a month because I was doing audio work, but then I did. And it started crashing on me. Their online help is questionable so I called in. The person who helped me the first time was decent and walked me through the standard run updates, etc. process.

But it still crashed. The second person was not useful. He transferred me to a department that wasn’t even open at the time so their customer service kept me on hold for a while and then just hung up on me.

So I called again. Got the first person again, I’m pretty sure. They figured out what had happened with the hang-up. Told me someone would call.

Guy calls. Spends an hour on the phone with me. Can’t get the BIOS to update. So I get to send it in.

I send it in. Without the computer for 10 days or so. They replace the SSD and a fan. Get it back. It starts crashing again.

I call. They say because it was sent in before it has to be sent in again. So I send it in again because when it crashes sometimes it makes a buzzing sound and smells like something is maybe burning?

They kept the frickin’ computer A MONTH. And said they couldn’t find an issue. Only reason I ever got it back was because I called and said, “Uh, where’s my computer?” Both times I sent it in I sent it with a list of dates and times it crashed and what I was doing when it crashed. Did they ever try doing exactly what I was doing when it crashed? Not as far as I can tell.

So I get it back. And it starts crashing again. They send me a survey about my experience. I rate them poorly because it’s STILL CRASHING. They ask me to video the crashes.

Okay. I sit down, start working, and within two hours have two videos for them of it crashing. One from my other computer, one from the computer itself.

I send it to them. They say they’ll respond in 24-48 hours. A WEEK LATER I follow-up. Because it’s now started crashing every four minutes when I use it. Which means I can’t even work around it crashing because no sooner is it up and running than it crashes again.

I get a response. You know what the response is??? Have you tried running Windows Update.


Do you think I haven’t tried to update shit? Multiple times? Do you think I didn’t upgrade two of my programs to the latest version at a cost of $200 to see if your precious, delicate little piece of shit laptop would maybe handle them better?

Three calls with your support staff and months of issues with this laptop and no, not one of us ever thought to update the damned computer…Seriously?? That’s your response after all this time.

FUCK YOU ASUS. Never ever ever ever will I buy another computer from them. Ever.

Comments off because I swear to God if someone tried to comment on this post that they’ve never had a problem with ASUS I would jump down their throat. (Oh, and clearly I’m not alone in my issue, because they didn’t even let my 1 -star review through on NewEgg, but there are at least two others out there also having instability issues and they’re now “out of stock”. Umhm. Way to dodge further bad reviews on your product…)

Author: M.L. Humphrey

M.L. Humphrey is an author who has been published under a variety of pen names and across a variety of subjects and genres. You can contact M.L. at mlhumphreywriter [at]

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