Free Book Promo (SFF)

For anyone who reads this blog who also happens to be a fan of science fiction or fantasy and reads ebooks, have I got the deal for you.

Starting today and running through the 16th is the Mega SFF Promotion run by Patty Jansen. (Shout out to Patty for the incredible work she put in organizing this thing. And if you are a SFF author who didn’t know about this before it happened, support it because the better it does the more likely she is to run it again.)

Over 145 books for free. Something for everyone from what I can tell. So check it out. My YA adventure fantasy, Rider’s Revenge by Alessandra Clarke, is included if anyone was ever curious about my fantasy writing. (Although at this point that book was published seven years ago so, you know, my writing has probably evolved some. Crazy to think about that.)

Since this is a writing-related blog, too, let me take a moment to sort of talk about that side of things while I’m here.

Patty has for years run the ebookaroo which is free for authors and features new releases, 99 cent deals, and free deals.

She recently had the idea to do this big mega-free event, which is also free to participate in. It’s basically a great way for authors to reach each other’s readers through an event where the only cost is the sweat-equity of putting up your blog posts and reaching out to your newsletter.

A nice side effect of this promo for me has been that since this book has been free all month others picked it up to feature, too. I had a few deal sites let me know they’d featured the book as well as an author who needed a few more books for a newsletter that was going out this week.

That right there was a few thousand free downloads just for having the book set to free. And at least during the Freebooksy day I had four full series buys so made some nice money, too.

I only have three fantasy books so I don’t feel comfortable going with a permafree strategy for those books, but something like this where I can set the book to free for a month and run FB ads and participate in some other promos is a good way to bring more readers into the series.

The last book in this series released in 2017, but thanks to these periodic promos the series still makes me a couple thousand a year in profit even though I haven’t released anything new under this name in almost five years.

So if you as an author haven’t tried free as a strategy, it’s something to consider. Think of it as giving out samples like they do at the grocery store. Sure, some people are just like, “ooh, free, thanks” and that’s it. But other will be like, “tasty, give me more” and suddenly you have a new reader.

Anyway. Click on the links above. Download some books. Make me look good, please, so they let me in next time, too. 🙂

Author: M.L. Humphrey

M.L. Humphrey is an author who has been published under a variety of pen names and across a variety of subjects and genres. You can contact M.L. at mlhumphreywriter [at]

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