Errata – 50 Useful Fn Quiz Book

This last week I was working on the Excel 2019 Formulas & Functions Study Guide and it led me to review the 50 Useful Excel Functions Quiz Book and I noticed a few errors.

I submitted updated versions of the books today so anyone from tomorrow forward won’t see them, but for anyone who already owns that book (or the Excel Essentials Quiz Book), I wanted to mention the fixes I made.

(I think the book might be being used in a college class right now, so felt it was especially important to mention the updates.)

1. HOW FORMULAS AND FUNCTIONS WORK QUIZ, Question 7F and 8F. Those should be written as =(4+3)*2 and =(E1+A1)*C1, respectively or else the answer doesn’t work.

2. BASIC COUNT FUNCTIONS QUIZ ANSWERS, Question 11. Ignore the last sentence of the answer because there is actually overlap between COUNTBLANK and COUNTA.

3. VLOOKUP QUIZ ANSWERS, Question 5. The answer is actually one because you can use a VLOOKUP to look in the exact same column to find the closest answer to your lookup value.

Author: M.L. Humphrey

M.L. Humphrey is an author who has been published under a variety of pen names and across a variety of subjects and genres. You can contact M.L. at mlhumphreywriter [at]

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