So Close…

This morning I finished the final review of the videos for Intermediate Excel. So all I have to do at this point is load 120+ videos to Udemy (for both Excel for Beginners and Intermediate Excel), convert that many closed caption files and upload those as well, and then I’m done with these two video courses and can move on to writing the next books.

(I have five non-fiction titles on my board, two of which I desperately need to get out there. Not to mention the novels I’d planned on writing this year…Haha.)

So lots to do.

And yet…

I am sitting here futzing with my AMS ads and checking FB too many times and generally showing a complete lack of interest in doing that last little bit to wrap this up.

These are the hard moments. You’ve done the fun part. You created something. But then comes the polishing and finalizing and, god help me, the administrative parts.

It’s like reading a bad book that isn’t so bad you can just quit it. You know you need to finish it to move on to the next one that you’ll read start to finish in a day, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it.

It’s easy to bog down at this stage. To take a week instead of a day to do all the boring bits. But that wasted time adds up. Big time.

So enough. Time to shake it off and get back in there and get these classes published so I can follow some very good advertising advice from folks smarter than I am at advertising and then get on to the next two projects.


Author: M.L. Humphrey

M.L. Humphrey is an author who has been published under a variety of pen names and across a variety of subjects and genres. You can contact M.L. at mlhumphreywriter [at]

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